I had my my first and last experience with a TastyKake. Growing up in California, I had never had the brand Tastykake before. We had ding dongs, and Twinkies, and zingers, but no Tastykake products. 

Well today at work someone brought in some so I finally had the chance (not that I was waiting for an opportunity) to taste one. The one that I had was called a peanut butter Kandy Kakes. Apparently it is a "milk chocolate coated treat...beloved for their vanilla sponge cake lined with peanut butter..." 

My first and last Tastykake

Photo credit: www.nourishingourchildren.org/Pyramid.html
I was invited to be a guest speaker at a friend's nutrition class. She teaches a basic nutrition class at a local community college. The students taking her class range in age from about 19 to maybe 50, with a diverse background. She explained that most are taking their class because they have a personal interest in learning more about they should eat, not necessarily because they would like to become nutritionists.

Teaching about whole foods nutrition


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