Guess the food #4 - Answer

Congrats Anita! The Guess the Food #4 was Earths Best Organic Infant Formula.

Since we needed to supplement breast milk with some formula I wanted to get the best formula possible. I would have made homemade formula, but my doctor really advised against it and having a preemie makes you a bit more cautious. So if I was not going to make homemade formula then at least I wanted to buy organic so that I would not be giving my baby GMOs. So I picked Earths Best.

Big mistake. First off it gave her the worst wind (to put it nicely). It was so bad you had to hold your breath. Who new something that smelly could come from something so cute and little. Second, it totally stalled her (again to put it nicely). She was miserable. So despite my desire for less chemicals I returned it and got the regular stuff.

The other reason I am glad I returned it is because I have been reading more about DHA and ARA. There was a great post by Living MaxWell about organic products that contain them.

So for now we are doing breast milk as much as possible and non-organic formula as well.

**Note - This post took me at least 5 days to actually get written and posted. Sorry for the delay but it just wasn't a golf ball.