My Etsy Shop - ordinary postcards

 Journal + connect simply - through postcards.

I LOVE postcards. I didn't realize how much until recently. 

I love the simplicity of a postcard. You cannot write too much, so being succinct and meaningful at the same time is important.

I love that they cost less to send.

I love that they can be anything. 

One thing I realized I don't love is journaling. I love the idea, but just can never seem to follow through. So I thought instead of having a journal, with large daunting pages of lined paper, what if I started keeping track of life through simple postcards. And that was when Ordinary Postcards was born. I have to think others find journaling cumbersome or just too much work. 

I not only love postcards, I love creating them too.   I have an ETSY shop with digital postcards that you can print at home. 

I hope you will visit ORDINARY POSTCARDS on etsy and start a new tradition. 

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