real food abcs - nut butter

January 13, 2014

real food abcs - nut butter

Nut butter are a great real food item that has good fats, lots of protein, and are plant-based for those wanting to eat less animal products.

I have a confession. I originally was going to title this after that popular hazelnut chocolate spread from Italy that is all over Pinterest. I love that stuff. Plus I wanted to include something fun; a treat to the real food abc series. The reason I went with nut butter? Well that popular brand has some ingredients that I would consider unreal. However, a chocolately, hazelnut, sugary spread can be a part of your real food kitchen.

So how can a chocolate hazelnut spread be real food?

It all comes down to ingredients.

Of course you can always make it yourself, but even when you want to eat more real food, you don't always want to make everything from scratch. I found the following brands whose ingredients lists fall into the real category.

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Justin's Natural Hazelnut Butter - chocolate
  • dry roasted hazelnuts 
  • dry roasted almonds
  • organic evaporated cane sugar 
  • organic cocoa
  • organic cocoa butter 
  • organic palm fruit oil 
  • vanilla
  • sea salt
  • organic raw fresh and soaked/dehydrated hazelnuts
  • organic raw cacao nibs
  • raw coconut sugar
  • organic cane sugar, 
  • hazelnuts, 
  • palm fruit oil (certified sustainable), 
  • organic cocoa powder, 
  • organic sunflower oil, 
  • skimmed milk powder (rBGH free), 
  • sunflower lecithin, 
  • organic vanilla

Jem Raw Specialty Nut Butter Spread Chocolate Hazelnut
  • hazelnuts, certified organic
  • coconut palm sugar, certified organic
  • raw cacao nibs, certified organic
  • vanilla (natural crystallization may occur), certified organic
On your journey to eating more real food, enjoy the sweets as well!

If you are interested in making something yourself, this is one of THE MOST POPULAR recipes on the blog - Homemade whipped chocolate peanut butter 

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