Less ingredients are not always better

October 17, 2011

Having a limited menu of foods to choose from, I am often trying to pick different things to change it up. Today I picked some chocolate ice cream for dessert. I don't know why I thought that it would come like this:
But it actually came like this:

And the ingredients list equals only 10. Not bad. Yet a short ingredients list does not automatically mean a healthier food. Let's look at the ingredients one by one.

Cream - probably from pasteurized milk and CAFO cows
Milk - probably pasteurized and maybe homogenized from CAFO cows
Skim milk - see above
Sugar - okay, could be worse
Corn Sweetener - what is this? Not really sure and I cannot seem to find a concrete answer. Regardless I am sure it is GMO.
Whey - see milk above
Cocoa - okay, could be worse
Guar Gum - ground endosperm of guar beans used as a stabilizer, thickener and to retard ice crystal formation
Xantham Gum - derived from bacteria, used for the texture of ice cream
Carrageenan - from seaweed, used as a gel to increase viscosity

Overall this list is not as bad as some I have seen, but it could be better. Here are some great links for homemade ice cream:

I can't wait to try making ice cream with raw milk!

18 days to go!