Easy way to peel ginger

February 29, 2012

Easy way to peel ginger.

I love using fresh ginger in recipes. Not only does it give a great flavor and kick to a recipe, but ginger is also fantastic for supporting your digestive system. 

I am not sure how most people peel it. I assume they use a vintage carrot/potato peeler like this.  (affiliate) which I guess works. 

I actually learned to peel ginger with a spoon.  I learned this trick in a cooking class during my Master's program and it is really easy.

So fun fact? If you couldn't tell, this was my very first video I every created for the blog 6 years ago! Maybe some day I will try to reshoot it, but there is something fun about having such an old school, pre-pinterest video here.

This is my favorite recipe using fresh ginger. 

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