its not about nutrition

September 24, 2012

it's not about nutrition website recommendation

I recently stumbled on an AMAZING website/blog all about eating and kids. When I discovered it, I was reading it non-stop. It was like a good book I could not put down. #1 thought I was just playing online, but this site is so informative.

Although my background is nutrition, I know eating well is so much more than just calories, nutrition facts labels, and ingredients list. This blog, from Dina Rose, focuses on the behaviors of eating. 
Dina Rose has a PhD in sociology from Duke University and more than fifteen years’ experience in teaching and research.  For parents who want to feed their kids right, Dina leverages a unique combination of expertise as a sociologist and a mother to help parents solve their kids’ eating problems by focusing on the root of the problem—eating habits, not nutrition. 
She created a Top Ten tip list as well. Just to give you a tease...

1. Taste preferences are more nurture than nature.

3. Never ask children to eat new foods.

5. Serve a fruit and/or a vegetable at every meal and every snack—every darned day. And be satisfied with one Happy Bite.

If you have kids, this blog is a must read! Even if you do not have kids, it is a fascinating look at eating behaviors.