8 ways to make and use lard

December 10, 2013

8 ways to make and use lard - suzyhomemaker.net

My last real food abc's post was all about lard. I wanted to help you on your journey to eat more real food by giving you some ideas on how to make lard yourself, more about the benefits of lard, and some recipes to use lard.

How to make lard

If you cannot find a good quality source of lard, then you can always make your own.

How to render lard from Oh lardy!

I rendered lard! from The Paleo Mama.

How to render lard and tallow from Cheeseslave.

Lard pie crusts

Two pie crusts are included in this round-up. The first Perfect Pie Crust is from Cheeseslave.

Pure Traditions brings us the second Lard Pie Crust.

Lard butter and bread

Popular Paleo gives us some compound lard butter.

Cheeseslave made these sprouted flour yeast rolls with lard.

20 more lard recipes

This collection is from The Paleo Mama. She has put together 20 recipes using bacon fat. Yum!

Special thanks to all the bloggers who contributed to this.

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