recipe substitutions - lime essential oil for lime juice

August 22, 2016

When you can substitute lime oil or lime juice in recipes and when you don't want to.

Hello! So you came here looking for how to substitute lime oil for lime juice. I apologize. I have recently taken down the video. The reason being is that I no longer support the ingestion of essential oils.

Essential oils have their place, but they are very very concentrated and very very potent. The more I research, the less comfortable I am ingesting them.

Some will make the argument that they are on the governments GRAS list. GRAS stands for generally recognized as safe. So therefore many people assume that because they are on that list, ingestion is not a big deal. However, in a facebook group I found this amazing definition of why ingesting essential oils is not safe.

I actually do not know who this aromatherapist is that said this, otherwise I would full credit, but I still think her explanation is spot on:

Hi! Aromatherapist here! No essential oil is safe for casual ingestion. The MLM companies have used a creative- yet inaccurate and unsafe-interpretation of the laws regarding generally recognized as safe substances, and exploited a few loopholes while they were at it.
It is true that there are essential oils on the GRAS list, but the GRAS list itself is complicated. It was put together based on the opinions of "experts ,qualified by scientific training and experience to evaluate their safety and having been adequately be safe under the conditions of their untended use." There experts are a number of organizations and associations of food formulating professionals. There is nothing inherently wrong with the GRAS list, but what the general public doesn't know is that the recommendations ("intended use") by these organizations are in a parts per million scale. In terms of essential oils, that means 1 drop to about 3 liters is considered safe to consume. But the FDA doesn't look closely at things on the GRAS list, so that's a loophole.
Esssential oils can and are used internally beyond food flavorings. in other parts of the world. In these instances, they are used under the direction of a doctor. 
Now this might not be the end-all-be-all of the debate on ingestion of essential oils. But the truth is, I don't feel like I have enough knowledge to be telling people to ingest. I am not a certified aromatherapist nor have I even taken any classes. So therefore I have no business in making a video about lime juice vs lime oil.

There is a common saying "know better, do better". So now that I know better, I am correcting my past mistakess

Now if you are a big fan of lime flavoring in foods, I do have a few recipes that use lime juice and taste amazing, if I do say so myself.