Secret Chicken Adobo Recipe

March 12, 2012

secret chicken adobo recipe |

#1 is Filipino and his favorite Filipino dish is chicken adobo. Specifically his mom's chicken adobo. So when we were engaged and visiting his family for Christmas, his mom taught me how to make chicken adobo.

I made special aprons just for the occasion.

Here we are in her kitchen putting the ingredients together to marinate the chicken. 

have made this twice since she taught me. The first time I tried it by myself he said it tasted nothing like hers. So I had to try again. The second time I think I nailed it. 

So at this point I am sure you are ready for the recipe. 

Didn't you read the title? 

I said it's a secret :) 

That's right, I am not sharing it. 

I had a friend whose mom got upset when she shared one of her mother's recipes with a friend. Now this was over 15 years ago and at that point I never understood why her mom got so upset. Back then, a shared recipe was not going to be spread like wildfire all over. 

But now, things are different. In this day and age, where everything is spread across the Internet, and it seems like every possible recipe is pinned on pinterest, nothing is sacred. So I have decided to keep this recipe close to my heart and only for family. I will pass it on to my daughter and other close family members, but that is it. It is a connection I have with my mother-in-law who passed away last year. 

Christmas 2008 - me and #1's mom

Do you have a recipe that you do not want to share as well?