crock pot freezer cooking

September 8, 2013

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I love my crock pot and I love freezer cooking. Over the last couple weeks I combined them and filled my freezer with food. 

This is what I did over 5 days plus a bonus day the next week:

Sunday - homemade spaghetti sauce using fresh tomatoes
Monday - cooked ~5 1/2 pounds taco meat. Used ~ 1 pound for dinner and froze four 1-pound portions
Tuesday - crock pot chicken - ate some for dinner and froze the leftover meat which will be enough for 2 meals
Wednesday - zucchini lasagna - didn't really turn out as expected, but it made a great side dish and I was able to freeze enough to use as a pasta sauce
Thursday - Carnitas - ate some for dinner and was able to save another portion for another dinner

So just in those 5 days I was able to freeze 9 items. The weekend was a holiday weekend and we were out and about, but then...

Tuesday - sausage and carrots - ate some for dinner - froze two dinner portions.

So that makes 11 freezer items in 10 days!

And besides the Sunday where I made tomato sauce, the rest of the days did not require any extra prep work from what I would have normally done for dinner.

Hope this inspires you to try some freezer cooking using your crock pot. 

Besides my crockpot, I also love these tools. They make cooking so much easier.