5forfriday - 5 foods that begin with Q

February 14, 2014

5forfriday - 5 foods that begin with Q | suzyhomemaker.net

This week's real food abcs was on quinoa. When I started the real food series I knew Q would be for quinoa, but just for fun I wanted to see if there were other foods that started with Q. Although there are a few, I have never had most of them.

  1. Quesadilla - Ok I guess this is more of a meal. But I love quesadillas. #1 will tell you that caesar salad and quesadilla is my go to meal when I cannot decide what to order.
  2. Quince - a type of fruit. I don't think I have ever had any. And they are not on the list*
  3. Quark - type of cheese. Apparently it is similar to cottage cheese but is made without rennet. Not on the list*
  4. Quail - a bird. Never had it. Not on the list*
  5. Quahog - type of clam. Not a big fan of clams. Not on the list*
Good thing something I eat started with Q.

*So what is this list I have referenced? I have decided to simplify my kitchen by only having 100 ingredients. You can read more about the what and why on my other blog a simplified home.

100 ingredient kitchen | asimplifiedhome.com

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