real food - 5 things

April 23, 2014

real food - 5 things

I did a real food series taking each letter of the alphabet and choosing a real food item or concept that started with that letter.

If you missed any of the letters, you can  find them under the real food abcs label

Here are 5 things I learned about my real food journey:

1. Finding real food that starts with each letter can be a challenge. There were some letters, like X, that I needed to be creative. I think it worked, but it wasn't always easy.

2. Most of the real food items I featured are already a daily or weekly part of what I eat. Practicing what I preach :)

3. There was one item that although I like, I might not continue to buy it often. It was M. The reason is because I am also on a quest to simplify our home and kitchen and have thus challenged myself to only have a 100 ingredient kitchen. And M just didn't make the cut at this time. (having only 100 ingredients - including spices - is hard!)

4. Some letters it was really hard to choose an item because there were so many choices.

5. My favorite abc post? I think I would go with H for How much homemade. I think it sums up not only the series but my blog as well and what I hope people take away when they read it.

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