the $5.00 kitchen gadget I cannot live without

June 12, 2014

best kitchen tool - an oven thermometer

Technically I have been living without this for almost 6 years, but now that I have it I am floored! I cannot believe I have gone this long without it.

And yes it is only $5.00. Well technically $5.43 (at time of posting). So what is it? Before I tell you, or you scroll down and see it (NO CHEATING). Let me give you some scenarios I have dealt with.

Overcooked chicken
Overcooked pork
Roasted veggies that burn very easily
Flat cookies
Cookie bars with crispy, dark brown edges and undone dough in the middle

Have you guessed yet?

Now this gadget is probably not for everyone. I am sure many of you have fancy, calibrated stoves that cook evenly and heat up correctly each time. But I have known for a while that our oven was not one of them. The straw that broke the baker's back was those cookie bars I mentioned above. They were supposed to be a thank you to our neighbors for helping us and I could not give those to them.

So without further ado, this is my new favorite kitchen gadget.

This beautiful, magnificent, amazing oven thermometer.
Can you tell how much I love it?
Totally worth the money. The most amazing thing was when I decided to test it out. I set the oven on 350 degrees and set the thermometer inside. After about 15 minutes I checked. The temperature registering on the thermometer was 400 degrees! A whopping 50 degrees higher than I set it at. I checked all different places in the oven along with 250 degrees and everything was registering 50 degrees hotter.

Another day I set it at 275 and checked, the thermometer said 310. I was trying to get to 325. So I increased the oven temp to 285. Checked 15 minutes later and it was up to 350. I cannot believe I have been dealing with this for so long.

If you even suspect you could have this problem, order this right now!