1000 in 100 simplifying challenge

January 21, 2016

1000 in 100 simplifying challenge | suzyhomemaker.net

Are you in need of some simplifying, decluttering, purging, minimizing? Maybe you had a goal or New Year's Resolution to declutter your house. Then this challenge is right up your alley.

Decluttering and living a more minimalistic life can be so rewarding for your health. You are less stressed, you have more time to spend with family and friends. More time for taking care of your health, exercising, cooking, etc because you are spending less time cleaning and organizing your home.

I have been on a minimalism kick for over 2 years now and I still feel like I have so much stuff that could be donated or thrown away. So the first of this year I thought I would do a 2016 in 2016 challenge where I got rid of 2016 things this year. But that is a long time and I want stuff gone now.

Then I thought let me really push myself and get rid of 2016 things just in January. Unfortunately, I cannot spend countless hours every day going through things. So I think I am only at about 200, maybe a bit more.

So I came up with this 1000 in 100 challenge. I feel like it is doable but isn't such a long span of time where I could slack off and procrastinate. And this morning when I looked at what day is 100 days from now, I saw that it was April 30; the end of the month, the end of my birthday month, close to the beginning of spring. It all seems to fall in line. (and yes, I am typing out a blog post instead of cleaning out a closet that I had planned on doing :) )

So if you are looking to declutter and simplify your life, you should take this challenge as well. Although I am starting this in January, you could start it whenever you want. So if you are reading this April 1st you could try for 1000 things 100 days from that date.

You can also listen to my podcast episode explaining the challenge!