homemade air freshener spray

January 14, 2016

Homemade air freshener spray | suzyhomemaker.net

I hate smells. Well not all smells, but artificial, perfumy smells are not my thing. Unfortunately, depending on the weather, I cannot always open a window to air out odor. So to get rid of the smell, in the past we would spray room freshener. Then I take a towel or pillow and attempt to fan the scent out.

Not only are the smells of store-bought fresheners nauseating, but when you look at some of the ingredients, they might make you queazy as well.

Benzisothiazolinone - possible immune system toxicant; irritating to eyes, skin, or lungs; possible organ system toxicity for use around the mouth/on the lips.

Most homemade air fresheners have baking soda in them. I tried it and I did not like that. The problem was that the baking soda clogged up my spray and would never stay suspended in the liquid. So one batch I decided to leave it out and it worked great.

This air freshener smells 100 times better than a store-bought spray.

1 cup vodka - you can use any kind; don't waste the good stuff (I have however used the good stuff when I did not have any cheap vodka lying around. I don't think #1 noticed and I am helping his liver)
1 cup water
20 drops essential oil- I think peppermint is my favorite, but purification works great. There are really so many to choose from

Mix in a spray bottle and enjoy the smell of natural ingredients.