the 20 in 30 monthly goal challenge

February 1, 2016

the 20 in 30 monthly goal challenge |

The 20 in 30 monthly goal challenge will turn your New Year's resolutions into whole year resolutions.

It is already February! I am sure many of you have made resolutions and at this point many of you might have already broke your resolutions. It happens, apparently ALL. THE. TIME. If you look at any article talking about resolutions you will see something like an 8% success rate. Not the best.

So last year I changed things up. Instead of doing my usual 10-15 resolutions (yes, I love making resolutions) I decided to pick one thing a month and focus on that. I chose a healthy habit that I would do 20 out of the 30 days of the month. It worked really well. Although there are other things I did during the year to stay healthy, I stuck with one thing a month that I would be sure to do each month to be successful.

I think this is such a great plan because even if you have a bad month, you can continually make goals all throughout the year to get back on track. And with the 20 in 30 plan, you have a few days built in (think weekends) where you can "cheat" and still make your goal.

How to do the 20 in 30 plan

Pick ONE healthy thing you would like to do for the month.
Share, share share! With friends and family, on instagram, on facebook, in the suzyandco facebook group. When you make a goal public and share you are more likely to do it.

That's it! It really is not that hard, but making healthy goals into habits takes a bit of time, consistency and drive.

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