simplifying your kitchen - the garlic press

January 10, 2018

simplifying your kitchen - the garlic press


Not only do I like simple, real food, I also like a simple kitchen. Personally, I think that a decluttered kitchen makes cooking from scratch so much easier. And the more you cook from scratch, the healthier the food you eat will be.

So I have been trying to get rid of single use items. Those things that are really only good for one thing and don't seem to multitask. Like this banana slicer  This post contains affiliate links.(you HAVE to read the reviews of it)

The garlic press is also one of them.

Some of you may think it is crazy* to not have a garlic press. Some may use theirs all the time. But I didn't. So I set out to see how much it actually gets used to see if I need it cluttering up a drawer.

I was going to keep a tally going for one month. I wasn't sure how many times I needed to use it to justify keeping it.

The month actually started on January 20th back in 2014.

What originally was going to be a 1 month experiment turned out to be over 7 months. And the number of times I used the garlic press between January 20th and August...


I had not once taken it out of the drawer I was keeping it in.

Now I know that it is a tool that is just cluttering up a drawer in my kitchen and it is not needed.

If you are wondering if I have a tool to mince garlic, besides a knife, I do. I use a microplane zester for garlic. Plus it has so many other uses. The garlic press has one use. And it is a pain to clean out those little squares.

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* My SIL and cousin think I am crazy for not having a garlic press. We had this discussion a couple weeks ago. My cousin not only has some fancy garlic press, she also has a contraption for mincing several heads of garlic all at once.