simplify memories - piggy memory bank

January 6, 2018

memory bank piggy bank

This modified piggy bank is a simple way to record your memories throughout the year and create a new tradition on New Year's. So many times we say to spend money and time on experiences and not things and this is a great way to remember those experiences and encourage simple living.

I actually wrote about this years ago, but it felt right to revisit the idea and share with more people.

I have tons of piggy banks. Well 4. But I really don't need that many for spare change. So I needed to think of something clever to do with the others besides let them collect dust. So I created a memory bank.

Now before you think I have great ideas and come up with these things on my own, I don't. I know I saw this on Pinterest like five years ago! I can't remember from which pin or site now though.

So instead of putting money in the bank, you write down  things that happened throughout the year with the date and put them in the bank. Then on new Year's even or right around there, open the bank and read the notes. They won't be in order, but it won't matter. It is still fun.

Some ideas for things to write down:

  • vacations
  • new adventures
  • firsts
  • funny quotes someone said
  • things you are grateful for
  • family visits
  • invite guests to write something
  • crazy weather
  • party fun
  • holidays

You get the idea. Be creative, but be you. Even the simple little things are great to write down. Those little moments that you will forget about the next week. You will be so grateful to be reminded of the little things that make you happy daily.

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