leave your phone at home

September 25, 2018

leave your phone at home

Cell phone addiction is real. When you leave your cell phone at home and go out and about without it, you will feel so free and unattached.

The other night we decided to go out to dinner and I left my phone at home. The thing is, I don't do that. Like ever.

It was so incredibly freeing.

I grew up without a cell phone and didn't even get one until I was probably in my 20s.

Yet I find myself now always with it. It is always by my side. When I am out and about or just at home. If I am in the kitchen, it is in the kitchen with me. If I am in the dining room it is in there with me too. And yes, it is on my nightstand in the evening.

I am not that important. :) Really.

Not only that, but we have a home phone line. So when someone cannot reach me on my cell, they could easily call the house.

I recognized that I was one of those people.
You know the ones. The ones you read about in articles who are addicted. The articles that tell us we are being a bad influence on our kids.
Then I think, not me! I am not one of the ones.
But yes, yes I am.
Yes, yes I have been.

So on Friday night I plugged my phone in, left the house and had a wonderful dinner sans phone.
When we got back that night I didn't even pick it up.
Then for the rest of the weekend I made a conscious choice to be on my phone and computer less.

Things didn't fall apart
My business did not collapse.
I did not miss out on anything.


I was present.
I was focused.
I was intentional with my time.
I still did some work and went online a bit, but I was productive and brief.

And more important
I felt happier
I felt freer
I felt calmer
I noticed things
I appreciated thing more
I was able to slow down.

It was the best feeling and such a great experiment. And ever since I have been better and better about leaving my phone. Even if it is just in the other room.

I highly recommend trying it.

And then post about it on social media! 

I know that seems crazy. I know that seems ironic. But I also know that when my friends try something and have had a great experience with it, I am more willing to try it. You can tell them I did it, but they don't know me. But they know you. They are watching you. They trust you.

Even though the idea is to spend less time on social media, it is still a great way to spread the word. And those who are craving a simple life might be nervous to take the plunge, but they see you do it and you will help them realize they can do it too.

Are you craving a more simple life?

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