holding on to broken items

April 10, 2019

holding on to broken items

Simplifying my kitchen is always a priority for me since I love to cook and having a decluttered kitchen makes cooking so much nicer. 

At one point not long ago,  one of the wooden spoons I keep for mixing broke. 

My first thought was to glue it back together. I really like cooking with wooden utensils. I much prefer them over plastic.

Then looking in the drawer, I saw three other wooden spoons. How many do I need?

And you can substitute the wooden spoon with anything. How many times have we hung on to something thinking we will repair it, only to have it sit broken for months.

I am not saying that the minute something breaks it should be tossed. I read a great book about how Monks (affiliate link) reuse and repurpose most things. There are definitely too many things discarded when they could be fixed: an almost new pair of pants that just need an alteration, a piece of furniture that is in need of a paint job and maybe some tightened screws, a phone with a crack in it. ( I have had several of those myself)

However,  in this case even repairing the wooden spoon would not help. With my luck it would break again while mixing cookie dough and little splinters would taint the batter. 

  • The spoon was not sentimental. 
  • It was not one of a kind. 
  • If tossed, it would not be missed or longed for.

There is now one less spoon in my simplified home.

Are you craving a simple life?