on being ordinary

December 30, 2019

Every year for the past about 6 years I have picked a word of the year as a theme for the entire year. An overall feeling I want to have.

This year I was not going to pick a word. I just wasn't feeling it, so I wasn't going to force it.

And then the word o r d i n a r y popped into my head. And as humdrum (yes a synonym for it) as it seemed, it felt so right and so almost calming.
on being ordinary

So I thesaurused it and the words that came up were were so appealing:

  • routine
  • habitual
  • everyday
  • natural
  • traditional
  • quotidian?

I liked them all and yes even the word humdrum appealed to me.

I think for the past several years I have over-thought things, tried for bigger, over-the-top, yet ignored the basic, simple, slower life. I definitely have been moving in that direction. Simple is my jam after all.

But I have gotten away from routine.
From having a simple ordinary schedule.
Having an ordinary cleaning routine.
Having an ordinary way of doing finances.
Of having ordinary meal plans.
Having an ordinary fitness routine.
And paying attention to the niceness or ordinary. Appreciating those small, ordinary things. 

So yes, I am basing my whole year on O R D I N A R Y.

Anyone else feel like that takes a weight off your shoulders?