decluttering 1000 items in 100 days revisited

November 13, 2020

decluttering challenge - 1000 in 100

Years ago, 2016 to be exact, I came up with the idea of decluttering 1000 items in 100 days. 

I liked the time frame - long enough to get it done, but short enough as to not procrastinate. 

I like the amount of items - 1000 felt like a big amount that would make a difference in my home. 

I liked the title - it just flowed and sometimes good titles can make life better. 

I not only made the pledge, I also created a checklist of boxes to keep me on track. 

Although at first I thought once I completed this challenge I would have a decluttered, minimalist home, I quickly realized this was not the case. 1000 items is a huge amount. However, when you are getting rid of things like, I don't know, key chains, erasers, jewelry, papers, magnets, extra game pieces, hair ties, etc, they are so small. A large amount takes a small amount of physical space. So even though you may get rid of 1000 things, you might have only decluttered a few drawers. 

Seeing this happen, over the years I have challenged myself multiple times. I have lost count, but it has probably been at least 5 or 6. 

And now, over 6 years later, I am once again doing a 1000 in 100 decluttering challenge. 

The thing is, accumulating new things and growing out of other things is common. Decluttering is not a one and done. Kids clothes shrink as they grow, tastes change, and items you've kept just-in-case may have never actually gotten used. 

Not only that, but your Clutter Thresholdthat I wrote about previously, changes. 

So it is time for another challenge and I do not want to wait until the new year to complete it.  I am starting this month and 100 days from when I started this last challenge is ~ mid February. 

If you want motivation to get rid of stuff before the holidays or maybe want to start a challenge in the new year, you can print out my free checklist below and see how many things you will be able to get rid of in 100 days. 

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