why I don't follow the dirty dozen

October 1, 2020

why I don't follow the dirty dozen

And why I am no longer "organic"

For years I believed that organic was better. The less processing and the closer to nature a product was the healthier it is - or so I thought. I really wanted to give my family and myself the best foods with the least amount of unnatural chemicals.

But somewhere around 2015 I started questioning things. I started doing more research and opening my mind to both sides of the argument. I know it was 2015 because I found a draft post I began back then.

It has taken me a while to write about it, which might be a good thing because over the years I really have been exposed to more science and have done more research. 

And  I feel like this is a perfect time to write this because lately I have noticed fear-mongering and pseudoscience increase and it is driving me crazy.

The Dirty Dozen List

Many of you have probably heard of the EWG and the Dirty Dozen list. It states which produce has the highest levels of pesticides. I am not even going to put a link to it because I don't want to send it traffic!

For a while this list has really bugged me but didn't really dive into it - until now. 

First, this list is only based on conventional produce. So they are only looking at pesticides on conventional grown produce. 
BUT organic foods also have pesticides. 
I know some people believe that organic means pesticide free, but it does not. 

It seems like over the last several years. the number one spot on their list has been strawberries. I have always wondered, if regular strawberries have the highest amount of pesticide, why? Is there something with that fruit that makes it need more pesticides. And if so, wouldn't organic strawberries also need more natural pesticides. Most likely. Which means that even organic strawberries would have a higher amount of "natural pesticides" if they were measured. 

Second - the amounts of pesticides on food are 100 to 1000 times lower than the lowest amount that would produce an effect. So you can see in the photo below if you ate 453 CUPS of strawberries in a day you still would not have an adverse effect. 

Third  - studies show that organic fruits and veggies do NOT have more nutrients that conventional. 

So you DO NOT have to worry about feeding your family organic at this time. Don't worry about spending more money. And if you have been buying more conventional produce because it is cheaper but at the same time you are feeling guilty, you don't have to!

We are all worried and stressed and eating fruits and veggies, organic or not, fresh or frozen or canned, should be the goal. Let's put the simple back in eating.