my top 4 holiday postcards

September 25, 2020

My top 4 printable holiday postcards. 

It was really hard to choose the top 4. I am having so much fun creating these printable postcards. 

Clearly, I have a very minimalist aesthetic and very cohesive look. I guess I just like what I like.  

In my Etsy shop - ordinarypostcards I have ~36 different postcard designs and of those about a dozen are winter/holiday themed. 

I really do like them all, but these ones (at least right now) are my top favorites. 

Happy Little Trees

An ode to Bob Ross. There are 9 postcards in this set. Each with it's own matching back template. 

Meowy Christmas - a catmas Christmas card. These are perfect for cat lovers to send or even to buy as a gift for someone. There are 10 postcards in this set. 

Spreading Cheer

Spreading cheer is a set of 10 postcards all with different types of hanging elements, i.e. garland, lights, ornaments. Very minimalist with muted colors. 

I love the retro art on these postcards. Very 50's feel. There are 12 postcards in this retro christmas postcard set!

If you like these cards and like the idea of sending simple, inexpensive postcards for the holidays, please check out my Etsy shop - ordinarypostcards. 

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