Daily Housekeeping Schedule

May 10, 2012

If you have been following along, one of my April goals was to make a schedule for myself. I just wanted to get more organized.
I found on pinterest (where else) a daily housekeeping schedule that I really liked. It was from a website called timewarpwife. I loved the layout and the organization, but I did need to tweak it a bit to fit my household.
Some of my changes:
Daily upkeep - 
  • I don't need to do a 10 minute tidy 3 times a day. Once was enough.
  • To me shedding junk falls under the tidying
Monday - 
  • Trash day is Tuesday for us, so Monday is a better day to clean the kitchen and clean out the fridge. That way if there is old food, it will not be smelling up the house.
  • I needed an office day. We have so much mail, paperwork, magazines, receipts, etc. So I needed a specific day to deal with that junk.
Saturday & Sunday - 
  • Our weekends are always in flux, so to have a rigid schedule those days just doesn't work. So I combined the days. 
  • If I can get stuff done Saturday, great, but if we have plans, then (hopefully) I can still get things done Sunday.
  • I also (usually) do grocery and meal planning on weekends since #1 is home and can be with little one.

So here is my version of her daily housekeeping schedule. I may continue to alter it as I see how it actually works for me day-to-day.