update - homemade ketchup

July 30, 2012

Homemade ketchup recipe update

I posted back in the beginning of June on how I made homemade ketchup. It was really easy to do and tasted just like regular ketchup without any scary ingredients.

Well just the other day I was eating some meatloaf-ish type meal that needed some sauce. I grabbed the ketchup, opened the jar, and found the mold. Those white spots in the picture above.

I am not sure when the mold started growing, but assuming it wasn't too long before this, that means the homemade ketchup lasted just under 2 months. So if anyone wants to know the fridge-life of homemade ketchup, there you have it.

I actually do not mind finding things growing on my food. It makes me feel like it is more of a real food when it goes bad. Over-processed food is less likely to mold, rot, or go bad as quickly. Our bodies need food that is alive, that has enzymes and nutrients that help us digest it better.

Although we do not want to eat food like that pictured above, it is not a bad problem to have.

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