i don't get red velvet cake

August 7, 2012

I don't get red velvet cake | suzyandco.com

Red Velvet cake recipes, and other interpretations of it - brownies, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, pancakes, fudge, crepes, LATTE - can be found all over Pinterest and the interweb.

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But I do not get red velvet cake.

This post is a bit different than my usual. I guess it is just more of a rant, which I do not usually do. Nothing to share or learn except my opinion. But maybe it will amuse people.

It's chocolate cake people! With an exorbitant amount of red food dye. Well, I think it is exorbitant. I am not a big fan of food dyes. I am not convinced they are completely safe. There are lots of articles out there why, but here is one I liked. (oh look, I managed to include nutrition info)

Now you can get natural food dyes, but the color is usually not as vibrant.

Since I am all about trying to make things from scratch, you can always make your own homemade food dye. Most commercial food dyes are petroleum based, I found this product to help you.

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil
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Appetizing :)

How about some healthier dessert options

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