real food abc's - iceberg lettuce

November 11, 2013

real food abcs - iceberg lettuce

I for Iceberg Lettuce

Poor iceberg lettuce. Always being told it has no nutritional value. I feel like I need to stand up for it because I think it has a place on our plates.

After all, where would a wedge salad be without the crisp lettuce complimenting it?

When I was growing up, iceberg lettuce was the main lettuce we always had. Unlike today's whippersnappers with their new-fangled arugula and mustard greens. Not that there is anything wrong with different types of lettuce, but as time goes on, I feel like iceberg has gotten left behind.

Iceberg Lettuce Nutrition
Iceberg lettuce does actually have nutritional value. For 1 cup of lettuce you get:

~ 10 calories
~ 22% Vitamin K daily needs
~ 6% of Vitamin A daily needs
~ 6% Vitamin C daily needs
~ 2% Iron Daily Needs
~ 2% Calcium Daily needs

Remember, you do not need to get 100% of all your nutrients from one food or meal. It is the accumulation of nutrients from different sources throughout the day that will add up to all your needs. (Hoping that you eat a nice variety of real foods.)

And by weight it is ~96% water, which is also a nutrient you might have heard of.

So next time you order a salad at a restaurant or grab a head of iceberg at the grocery store, don't let guilt creep into your head that it is not nutritious enough.

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