real food abc's - homemade

November 4, 2013

real food abcs - homemade

H for How much Homemade?

It is so much easier to eat Real Food when you make it yourself. When you make food at home you know the ingredients that went into making it and the amounts you used. You can see the raw ingredients and most of the time you will know how to pronounce them. 

Not only is making food at home better health-wise, but also cheaper (most of the time). Think about going out to a nice dinner and having a salad, steak, some veggies, maybe a roll, and of course a glass (or two) of wine. Even if it is not the fanciest restaurant in town, you will most likely be spending at least $35.00 a person. A ten dollar bottle of wine, two $9.00 grass-fed steaks, and all the fixin's mentioned above I bet would come out to about $40-45 for two people. 

But we are not always going to eat at home. I don't, and I don't expect my readers to either. Eating needs to not only be good for you, it needs to be practical and enjoyable. 

So what amount of non-real food is acceptable?

There is no set amount. It is absolutely an individual thing. I can tell you though that I think a good percentage to strive for is 80/20. 80% of your meals consist of real food and 20% non-real. 

So if you go out to eat a couple times a week, don't stress about the menu. 
  • Don't worry that the restaurant is unfortunately probably using Canola Oil. 
  • Yes, you will be eating GMOs.
  • Yes, you will be eating un-fermented soy.
  • Yes, there will be MSG. 
  • Dyes, artificial flavoring, preservatives? - check, check and check

Enjoy someone else cooking for you. Enjoy not having to clean up. Enjoy the company and atmosphere. And know that tomorrow and the next day and most of the rest of the week, you will know what you are putting in your body.