5 healthy toasts to simplify your breakfast

August 23, 2018

5 simple healthy toasts

I love a simple breakfast. I am actually not a big breakfast eater at all. I prefer simple small breakfasts, usually sourdough toast with some toppings and my coffee with cream.

I know that it is popular in the nutrition realm to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I take a difference stance. I truly believe we need to listen to our bodies and find what works best for us.

There is no one way of eating that works with every body type. There are so many factors that con contribute to how we should eat for our best well-being. For me, it is a small simple breakfast. So fancied-up otasts are perfect.

Here are five of my favorites

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Avocado + Sea Salt

This one is the basic one. The one you see all over instagram. it is also one of my favorites. With just 2 ingredients for the toppings. Avocado is great because it has fat to keep you fuller longer. You will notice that all my toasts have fat. Fat takes longer to digest so you will not get hungry as quick. There are so many good sea salts to choose from as well

Alessi Seal Salt
Trader joe's Sae Salt
Terrasoul pink sea salt

Peanut Butter + Sliced Strawberries

Another simple 2 ingredient toast. Just some peanut butter and strawberries. Delicious does not have to be fancy. You can even make your own peanut butter to ensure you can control all the ingredients.

Salad on Toast

This is a favorite hack of mine. I love love love leftover salad. I get so excited seeing it in the fridge the next day. It is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast. I always think I am going to save it to have it for lunch and then I never do.

Oftentimes, I will just scoop it out on toast.

Pictured is an avocado, red onion, bacon, blue cheese salad with blue cheese dressing.

Greek Yogurt, berries + mango

Plain Greek Yogurt is another great way to get a bit more fat in the morning. I would avoid non fat, since you want a bit of fat to keep you full. Also avoid using any that are flavored. There can be a lot of sugar in flavored yogurt. Go for plain and flavor it yourself. 

This toast has greek yogurt, berries (use whatever you have on hand) and frozen mango. I often keep frozen fruits and veggies over fresh because they keep longer and I always have them on hand. I just quickly defrost the mango in the microwave, or if I am really good I will put some in the fridge the night before. 

Cream Cheese, berries + ground flax seed

Cream Cheese is another great way to add just a bit of fat to your breakfast. Again you can use fresh or frozen berries.

To increase the nutrition, I added ground flax meal. Flax seeds are a fantastic way to get more omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are those that are bodies needs, but cannot produce. We must get them from food. Unfortunately, we often are lacking in this nutrient. Typically we get way more Omega-6 (another essential fatty acid) over Omega-3. When we are out of balance in these fatty acids, our bodies cannot work optimally for our best wellbeing. Adding some flax meal to our diet is a good way to get some extra fats in.

If you have never tried it, flax meal has a nutty flavor to it. Also make sure to always store it in the refrigerator.

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