it's not you it's me - an open letter to sugar

August 25, 2018

an open letter to sugar

Have you been having problems quitting sugar? Maybe you were thinking you only had it in moderation, but your body and wellness is telling you different?

You are not alone. This summer has been, unfortunately, sugar-filled. Between ice cream, baked goods, barbeques, parties, etc. the sugar went from a nice treat to a many-times-weekly occurrence. So it is time to break up with sugar.

An open letter to sugar

Dear sugar,

We have had a good run you and I. We've shared a lot. Remember the birthday of 1979? How about the Halloween's in the eighties? And who could forget that time I crawled up on the kitchen counter to lick the frosting off half a cake? Good times.

Unfortunately, things have changed. It's not you it's me. I just don't want to be exclusive anymore. 

Actually maybe it is you. 

You kept sneaking in to my daily routine in the afternoon. When I needed a little pick-me-up, you were there. When I just wanted something sweet after lunch, you were there. When I didn't really need you at all, you were still there.  You make me want you more. You are probably toxic.

I used to say "I can't quit you" but I am not saying that now. Now I do want to quit you. I am ready to start my fall season - the season of baking, Halloween, pies, pumpkin everything - without you.

I am willing to have a "friends with benefits" relationship but it has to be on my terms. Some birthdays, some parties (but not all), holidays (but just the holiday - not every party up until then), the occasional recipe for the blog.

I know this is tough for you. It's been tough for me too. I just need to take me wellness back. I need to take my energy back. I need to be a good example.


Sugar's Effects on our Body

Here are just a few of the reasons you may also want to consider cutting down or cutting out sugar

  • Tells the brain to release dopamine - which makes you feel good but then want more sugar
  • Increases the release of insulin - which is a hormone that tells your body to store fat
  • May cause you too feel anxious or jittery after a sugar crash
  • Can cause inflammation in our bodies
  • Can make us age faster
  • You overwork your pancreas

That is just a mini list to ponder. 

If you are having trouble cutting the sugar, I wrote a post 4 tips to decrease sugar cravings. These 4 things I find very helpful for me. 

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