how many days it takes to make a new habit

January 10, 2019

Keep your habits simple and consistent for a longer amount of time to make them stick.

how many days t create a new habit

With the new year upon us, goals, resolutions, and habits are on everyone's mind. I think we all want to live a better, improved life than the last. We are always hoping to  move forward and grow and look back at a year grateful and happy with our accomplishments.

Yet, new year's resolutions rarely stick. The enthusiasm and motivation quickly wanes.

Many times people think they will give something 3 weeks - 21 days, and then the new behavior will "stick"

Most likely it won't.

Contrary to popular belief, habits take on average 66 days to form.

66 days

That is over 2 months of doing something consistently before you will start doing it out of habit. And once something is a habit, the effort to maintain it is much easier.

So count 66 days from now.
Pick ONE thing. (This is my absolute favoritest book for focusing on less aff link)
Do it daily or as often as possible.
Mark an X on your calendar for each day you do it.

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