10 snippets from 10 years blogging

May 21, 2020

This blog turned 10 in April! I cannot believe I have been blogging on and off for ten years. 

This blog has never really been a business - just a hobby. But it has been a lot of fun, I have learned so much about websites, SEO, writing, photography and design and I am excited to keep this hobby going. 

10 Snippets from 10 years blogging
  1. I actually started this blog as a nutrition education blog. My master's degree is in nutrition and I wanted to help more people with nutrition, recipes and health, through an online platform. 
  2. This blog used to be called suzyhomemaker. I really liked the name and as I started blogging I started envisioning it being more than just food and nutrition. I though it could be all about the home, home projects, crafts, recipes, DIY, etc. Then after a few years I realized I actually don't love doing crafts and DIY. I am more into simple, well-being, and food. So I changed the name to suzyandco so that anything I write would fit into the name. 
  3. My most popular post to date is still the Pom Pom rug and like I said above, I don't even like doing crafts. 
  4. My posts used to be very nutrition shaming. I didn't even realize it at the time. I just thought I was educating and helping people make healthier choices. But now I see the errors of my ways and would love to update old posts that have misinformation or just take nutritioning too far.
  5. I used to write about essential oils, but I have moved on from those and now suggest people learn from actual certified aromatherapists and not "wellness coaches"
  6. I have actually started other blogs as well, but as blogging was always a hobby that I did not prioritize, I could not keep up. 
    1. The other ones were called realfoodsimple (which is still up with posts but again - the name "real food" is too judgmental)
    2. a simplified home - as I began my journey to minimalism 6 years ago I wanted to create a blog just focused on that. Too hard.
    3. real food cents - I thought about a blog on saving money and eating well - nothing ever came of this one
    4. suzyco - I wanted to shorten the name and make it more simple, but I realized that the name really doesn't mean as much as good content
    5. ordinarybaking - this one is one I bought recently with the intention of possibly selling some baking items out of my home. I cannot do it yet though because NJ is the only state that does not allow it. We are hoping to change the legislation in the next few months so I decided to get a name.
  7. I often change the heading, colors and theme. I think one of the things I like most about blogging is the design aspect of it. I love creating graphics, playing with layouts, moving things around, editing photos, etc.
  8. I have over 300 draft posts! Some are old posts I chose to delete since they no longer are relevant, but many times, if I have an idea for a post, I will create a title and then when the moment strikes I will write a post. 
  9. My photography has gotten so much better. I used to take pictures whenever and wherever. The lighting was dark, the staging was non existent, the colors were drab. And although I do not think you have to become a professional photographer to be a blogger, pretty pictures make such a difference. 
  10. I don't like to write!!! I know crazy to say for a blogger. I like thinking about subjects and sharing education, recipes, nutrition, simplicity, etc. But the writing part is not my favorite at all. I probably would be better as a podcaster or vlogger but I also like being behind the scenes. I did start a podcast about simplicity, but it only has a few episodes and is on the back burner at the moment. I feel like I enjoy too many subjects and would really need to pick one and focus on it in order to podcast and I haven't figured that out yet. 

Going forward I will most likely be keeping the theme of simplicity. Simple just seems to infuse everything I do. I like simple recipes. I like my house simple, I think eating should be simple, and even though nutrition and science can be complicated, I would love to include it here and simplify it as much as I can so that people have better sources than the pseudoscience that is permeating our culture. 

Thank for following along whether you have been here 10 years or are brand new!

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