my simple baking tools

August 30, 2020

my simple baking tools

As someone who considers herself a novice baker, having a few things in my kitchen to make it easy and more simple to bake has been great. 

I don't need a ton of tools and I don't need fancy. But having these few things really makes baking at home easier for me so I thought I would share. 

For the longest time I have a really small, awkward food scale. I bought it years ago and I cannot even remember why I got it. The problem was, it had a really small food area. When I wanted to measure 500 grams of flour, I had to balance a paper plate on the scale and hope it did not tip over. 
It did, several times. 
So I finally broke down and bought this simple, inexpensive food scale and it is wonderful! I LOVE it. Measuring now is so much easier and I love that it was not expensive. Another plus is it is super light. So I don't have to lug it out when I need to weigh ingredients. 
And weighing ingredients is so much better when baking bread.

It seems small and silly, but I like a wetter dough when I make bread. It just seems to come out lighter and fluffier. But I HATE dough on my fingers, So anything to help avoid that or lessen it, I will use. So I have found myself using a dough scraper often. 

I wish I  have bought this years ago. I bake every week and flour dust from spilling out of the bags was constant. I found this container on amazon and it is perfect. It makes it so much easier to get flour and I make less of a mess. And I love how much it holds - ~50 cups. So if you buy a big 25 lb bag of flour you may need 2 of these.

Not a fancy one! I know you can get really high end one for over $200. But mine I got free from All-Clad when we registered for our wedding. It was similar to this one - not the high end one. I have had it for 11 years and use it all the time and it has held up. So if you want a dutch oven but are scared of the price, this one has been a good one and so much cheaper than others.  

KitchenAid mixer - yes mine is pistachio colored
I really didn't want to put this on this list because it is pricey, but it truly makes my life so much easier. I use this more than my blender, my food processor, my instant pot, even my immersion blender which is small and lightweight. It has been one of the truly best purchases I have ever made. 

The tools I don't have

These few things are those things that I have gotten by without for years so I guess technically I don't need them, even though I want them. 

This is used for scoring bread. I usually use a knife which works so so. Recently I found a razor blade which seems to work much better. I really don't need fancy scoring.

I love how a basket like this creates ridges, but my glass bowls have also seemed to work all these years. 

A proofing box
I actually didn't even know this existed until my cousin who used to be a professional baker mentioned it. One thing with rising bread is getting the temp right. I have many times created soup because I over proofed in a too-hot place, and in the winter sometimes my house is cold. Having consistency would be nice. Although it would be another thing to try to have to find a place for in my small kitchen. 

A double oven
HAHAHA Crazy I know. But I realize how much a cook and bake and how nice it would be. And I realized that I didn't have to get one that goes in the wall, they make them as a stand alone unit. Which again, I would probably need with my small kitchen. 

So there you have it. 5 simple baking tools and 4 on my wishlist. 

Look at this baking bundle I found! It may be perfect. 
Proofing Basket Bundle

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