5 (more) single-use items

December 5, 2017

5 more single use kitchen tools you should throw away

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I previously wrote about 5 kitchen tools that were single-use and that you should throw away(or maybe don't even buy them in the first place.)

My reasoning? Cooking real food from scratch is so much easier in an uncluttered, clean kitchen.

So here are 5 more single-use kitchen tools I have found that you might want to throw away*

1. Clip on can drainer - By the time you remember where you put this, look in the back of the kitchen drawers, clip it on...you would have finished draining it by now. I always just the lid or a colander.

2. Corn Stripper - I know what you are thinking. The corn are out in the fields dancing to some brown-chicken-brown-cow music. Nope this little gadget simply takes the corn off the cob.

3. Onion goggles - no, these are not for swimming. These are specifically for cutting onions and protecting you so you don't cry. I would cry knowing people bought these. And couldn't you find something else that has more than one use to protect your eyes from the sting, like...I don't know...real swimming goggles?

4. Cupcake Corer - Ok, so those who own a bakery or make tons of cupcakes on a regular basis are exempt. Otherwise, this cupcake corer is not needed.

5. Sunnyside Egg Shaper - I really did not want to put this on the list because I actually think it is pretty cute. But I just cannot justify this in my simplified kitchen.

*Actually, you should really try to recycle or donate them instead of throwing them away.