simple homemade tortillas

December 19, 2017

Simple homemade tortillas

Homemade tortillas are very simple to make, with just a few real food ingredients and they taste amazing. You will never want to buy store-bought again when you make your own tortillas. 

I have been making these now for so long I cannot even count how many times I have made them. I have learned some things along the way as well. There are a lot of recipes out there, but I made a couple tweaks which makes these fantastic. 

Simple Homemade Tortillas

3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup avocado oil
1 cup warm water
1.5 tsp sea salt

In a stand mixer with the dough attachment, combine flour, baking powder and oil. 
Dissolve the salt in the warm water. This is a key step. When using coarse seal salt, the grains are larger and sometimes they do not dissolve after the dough has been mixed. Which leaves you with tortillas with some large salt grains in them. By dissolving the salt first, it will be incorporated into the tortillas much better. 
Add the water- salt mixture and mix dough on low for a minute or two until it comes together and then switch to high for ~3 minutes. Dough will pull away from the sides of the bowl and it should not be sticky. 
Take dough out and place on a floured cutting board. 
Divide dough into balls ~ size of a ping pong ball. You should get between 16 -20. Roll into balls, slightly flatten, and then let rest. This is another key step. When I am in a rush and do not let them rest they are much harder to roll out. 
While they are resting, heat a cast iron skillet on med-high heat on the stove. 
Roll out the dough balls into flat discs. Place in pan about 30 seconds per side. 
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