less paper - simple tip

March 11, 2019

less paper - simple tip

Do you ever feel overrun by paper. You recycle and shred and yet more keeps coming in.

Decreasing paper is a process. You cannot get it to all stop coming in but there are some things you can do to help you win the battle. 

Although this is an obvious and simple tip, the impact it can have is big.

Simplifying tip

Sign up for paperless statement for one account...right now. 

Stop reading this and go! 

Are you back? You may have done this with just about all your accounts. But is there that one that you keep meaning to do this for and haven't?

One statement isn't a big deal. But over the year that is 12. 
What if you had three companies sending you mail a month. 36/year - not horrible.
Ten companies? 120 pieces of unnecessary mail.

It's not that those pieces by themselves are unmanageable. It is that they are a part of all the information coming in. They are one piece among many pieces of junk mail, advertisements, credit card offers, coupons, etc. And that is just the physical mail to sort through, not to mention the email. 

So do your future self a favor right now, today. Stop a paper statement from coming in. 
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