simple posts

March 22, 2019

simple posts

I'm even simplifying my posts

Hey friends - new+old!

This whole simplifying movement I have been doing is now even trickling down to blog posts.

As a blogger, there are other things to think about than just just posting words.

  • There is SEO - search engine optimization
  • keywords to get your posts noticed more on google,
  • having the right titles,
  • having the right word count,
  • having pictures with titles and descriptions,
  • behind the scenes having descriptions of the post that google can put a snippet about

Over the years I have paid attention to those things, because of course I think my message is good and I want it to reach more people. But man, all the rules and tricks can be exhausting and inauthentic.

And one thing I know I cannot stand is when I click on a recipe and  I have to scroll through every detail of their lives just to get to the recipe.

It just isn't me, it just doesn't match my style or my true self.

So if you are here for simple living and less fluff you have found your home. I no longer feel the need to have a specific word count. I am writing from the heart and staying true to who I am and my style.

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Are you craving a simple life?