simplifying + your mood before and after

March 15, 2019

the change you feel simplifying

There is definitely a mental shift you feel when you start simplifying.

I wrote a post not long ago about how you don't always realize you feel bad until you start to feel better.

You don't always have a better to compare it to.

The same can be said about the calm you feel after decluttering.

We were doing a DIY living room renovation. We took shelves down, sanded,  repaired, painted, rearranged etc. And the things that had a home on those shelves were temporarily all over the house.

I'm a pretty patient, go-with-the-flow kind of person, but I could feel the uncalmness (is that even a word) in our construction zone.

I didn't feel relaxed or peaceful. I felt like there are a million things to do and I just could not fit it all in. There are things I kept putting off to try to finish the living room and then I felt guilty.

But I also am amazed and so grateful of the simple living life we are creating. I can actually feel what a difference we now normally live in. Our lives are not as harried or chaotic. Our home is not a constant battle with cleaning organizing and purging.

We aren't completely there yet. Over the years we still find things that no longer serve us. But we are worlds ahead of where we used to be. And getting back to my calm living space where "most" things have a home and the need to organize is minimal has been so refreshing.

Living in a simplified home with less stuff creates space to breathe. When you walk into your house you don't feel like it's a to do list or non stop project needing to be taken care of.

But just like you don't realize your health is subpar until you experience improved wellness the same can be said about simplifying.

Are you craving a simple life?