saving outfits

March 4, 2019

saving outfits

Do you ever save an outfit or piece of clothing for a special occasion?

You know, like the super cute top that you are waiting for a nice date to wear it.

That pair of jeans that makes your butt look great but you don't want to stretch them out for a day of errands.

A nice sweater that you don't want to wear to the park in case you get dirt on it.

Do these things sit there in your closet collecting dust because those occasions do not come up often enough?

I argue for no more saving outfits! Everyday you deserve to wear things that you look great in and feel wonderful in. Why not run errands in clothes that make you feel energized, well put together and happy?

Too many times we save outfits for something instead of recognizing we might be that special occasion.

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