why I take gummy vitamins

March 13, 2019

why i take gummy vitamins

I have switched to gummy vitamins.

I am basically a child.

Not all vitamins I take are gummies. But right now I am taking a gummy Vitamin D supplement. I had regular vitamin D tablets. And guess what happened? I forgot to take them regularly. Even though they were in a visible spot. I still did not make it a daily habit to take them. And I need vitamin D in supplementation form at the moment because I have tested low.

So I got myself some gummies! These ones to be exact.

And now I am remembering to take them every day! Which is really the point.


Sometimes you just need a boost. Like with B Vitamins. You might not need them every day.

But with many supplements being consistent in taking them is the key to figure out if they are improving your health.

I am not going to argue or try to defend the quality. I doubt it is the best. First ingredient is sugar. But the point was to see if I would be consistent with a different form and I am. And now I know. So maybe the next bottle I get will be a more researched brand, carefully selected. For now I am not going to feel guilty.

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