questions to simplify - an ideal sunny day

February 28, 2019

questions to simplify - an ideal sunny day
There are questions you can ask yourself to help simplify your life and figure out the most important things.

Here is one:

When it is sunny and 72 degrees outside what does my ideal day look like?

Ok, so those that live in SoCal or Florida, this might be the norm for you. But you still might not be able to take advantage of it. Work, appointments, meetings, housework, etc. can take over and that perfect day went by in a flash.

So stop to really think about what YOUR ideal day looks like?
Does it include decluttering, organizing, cleaning, straightening, looking for lost items.

Only you know the answer although I would be surprised if many people chose housework as their ideal activity on a beautiful day.

Are you craving a simple life?

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