bamboo toothbrushes for a plastic-free life

February 19, 2019

bamboo toothbrush for zero waste living

Have you tried bamboo toothbrushes yet?

My next step in my journey towards simplifying is living a more zero waste life. Getting rid of the clutter and the things that no longer serve our family has been step 1. Living in a simplified house with less clutter has been really great. 

But now I want to buy less, buy better, and the things I do buy I want to be more sustainable.

I am really trying to decrease plastic. So one thing I am doing is switching to bamboo toothbrushes.

They are biodegradable, made with sustainable materials, and are very easy to find.

Here are a few from Amazon (affiliate links)

I like the carrying case for these:

Oh these ones have charcoal!

These ones are the ones I bought for me and my daughter.

These are cute for kids!
Whichever you choose, you are on a path to less waste and more sustainability!

Are you craving a more simple life?

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