should you eat avocados year round?

February 23, 2019

should you eat avocados year round

Avocados are the darling ingredient of nutritionists and social media.

But I am going to argue that we should not be eating them year-round.

Crazy right? The star of instagram. Full of good fats. Lots of potassium. Creamy and versatile.

So why have I decreased my avocado?

Because it's winter here in the northeast.

Now I'm not going to tell you I stopped eating it altogether. I haven't. But I am trying to decrease eating foods that are not in season. I think as the seasons change, our body needs different foods, and to eat lots of the same foods year around doesn't make sense.

From a chinese medicine perspective, avocados are a cooling food and if you have excess yin, dampness or spleen deficiency, avocados are not as beneficial.

So although I LOVE avocados and would eat them daily, I have decided to take this small step towards more seasonal living and am varying my diet a bit to have more warming foods this winter.

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