coffee or wine?

February 15, 2019

coffee or wine?

I love my 4 things tote but sometimes I think I should have coffee on there.

Don't get me wrong. I love wine! But oftentimes I will take breaks from alcohol. I end up feeling better and looking better. That is probably a subject for a whole other post. 

However, it is a rare occasion when I give up coffee. I may cut down, but do not usually give it up completely. If I bought another tote I think my 4 things would be simple living, wellbeing, coffee and suzy+co. 

Maybe I just need 2 totes from The Shop Forward. I love this company because they have such an amazing program. 

Every product sold on The Shop Forward follows our mission of supporting programs and organizations that are effectively working to help others around the world.

And by the way - this is not a sponsored post. They did not pay me to write it. I just like their mission and their goods! 

Are you craving a more simple life?

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