decluttering - could vs would

February 26, 2019

decluttering - could vs would

When decluttering and creating a simple home there is a very important distinction between could and would.

Last Xmas, our cousin gave us a new cutting board that has 7 mats that you can stash inside a bamboo holder. (affiliate link)

 At first I wondered if we would use it, but I decided to try it and I love it. If we end up having a party and several people are working in the kitchen, there are enough mats to go around. Yet they take up less space.

So I decided to get rid of an old extra cutting board. It was nice, but just something I had picked up at TJ Maxx years ago. As I take the old cutting board to the donate pile, I think to myself 

"I bet I could repurpose this for something."
I was even thinking of looking on Pinterest to find ideas.

And then I said to myself,

you could but would you?

I knew the answer was most likely no.

Of course there are tons of things we could do with our old possessions. But instead of asking yourself could I reuse this, first ask yourself would you.

The old cutting board has long since been donated and the new cutting boards are now sitting neatly on my counter.

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