simply improving

February 27, 2019

simply improving

My photography is always improving.

I have been a blogger for about 8 years. I started before pinterest was around. And I thought I was pretty good.

Then pinterest came out and I started comparing.

It is said comparison is the thief of joy,  And I agree. There are times when comparison actually moves me backward instead of forward.

But with photography, comparing myself to others actually helped me to improve. I saw potential and inspiration. I was willing to try new things. I slowed down and took extra time to set up photos, notice the light, get better angles and learn about my camera.

It wasn't huge leaps. I took small, simple steps, every day, every month and over time it made a big difference.

This is a before and after photo of my Homemade Asian Dressing.
This first picture was taken in the evening, no natural light, and most likely with a flash.

The second photo was taken in my sunroom that has 5 big windows. It was taken during the day, with natural light and a more thoughtful set-up. 

I actually LOVE looking at these pictures because it reminds me that I am simply always improving. 

Are you craving a more simple life?

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