simplicity parenting

February 4, 2019

simplicity parenting

I have recently discovered this book on simplicity and parenting (affiliate) and I cannot wait to read it.

Sometimes I wonder if people think I have this whole simplifying thing completely figured out.

I don't.

I am still on a journey like many of you. There are still places in my house that need attention. Things come in faster than things go out.

And my clutter threshold - what I feel is too much clutter - has changed over the years.

Recently, my path has led me to this book - Simplicity Parenting. I'm so excited to read it, glean some insight and share with others who are interested. I truly believe we have so much going on that we may be missing out on the simple pleasures on life:

  • making sandcastles
  • reading the same book 1000 times
  • sitting and doing a jigsaw puzzle
  • swinging on a tree swing (we just put that in this past year)
  • talking walks around the neighborhood
Do you ever feel like when you unplug and do those things above, it is an accomplishment. I know I do, but I feel like that should be the norm. And that is the direction out family is moving toward.

Are you craving a more simple life?

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