why I don't want a tiny house

February 14, 2019

why I don't want a tiny house

As a minimalist I think most people assume I want to live in a tiny house. And although those shows are fun to watch, I have no desire to live in one.

I crave openness and space. Over the summer we stayed at a beach house that sleeps 16 people. This was the kitchen.

At first it felt ridiculously large and excessive. There were something like 60 drawers and cabinets. It was hard to remember where things were.

But after being there for a few days and using the kitchen, I started knowing where things were and finding them became quicker.

Then by the end of the week I felt much more confident in locating things and the kitchen felt right.

What once seemed way too big now felt open, airy, light, and functional.

Although this kitchen, with its 60 odd drawers and cabinets would be overkill for my family, having more space so that nothing is crammed or squished or piled up in a puzzle of pots and pans and lids and bowls would be so refreshing!

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